Reference beige limestone cladding projects in Europe

Portugal is a reference extractor, manufacturer and supplier of light beige limestones, which have been having considerable demand in Europe for exterior wall cladding applications. After many years of supplying projects all over Europe, Portuguese suppliers have now an interesting portfolio of cladding projects in many European cities. Some of these projects have become reference in their cities or countries, but the common perception is that Portuguese limestones are well-established type of stone for exterior wall cladding all over Europe.

We present below some reference cladding projects supplied with Portuguese limestones.

Hotel La Reserve – Knokke (Belgium) / Cabeca Veada limestone

Exterior cladding with light beige Cabeca Veada limestone from Portugal. The Cabeca Veada limestone was used all over the buildings that make this hotel/residence.

La Reserve Hotel / Moca Cream limestone / Knokke Belgium

Lillie Square – London (UK) – Cabeca Veada limestone

Another cladding project using Cabeca Veada limestone from Portugal.  The Lillie Square project is a large project located in London, which involved the supply of Cabeca Veada limestone as pre-cast installation.

Lillie Square / Cabeca Veada limestone / London UK

Great Ormond St Hospital – London (UK) – Moleanos limestone

This exterior wall cladding used Moleanos Fine limestone from Portugal for one of its main buildings renovation project. This is a reference cladding project in London.

Great Ormond St Hospital / Moleanos limestone / London UK

Kempinski Hotel – Brugges (Belgium) – Moca Cream limestone

The Kempinski hotel renovation project involved the supply of Portuguese Moca Cream limestone for its exterior wall cladding. The final result is an elegant and classic look.

Kempinski Hotel / Moca Cream limestone / Brugge Belgium

Rue de Bologne – Paris (France) – Semi Rijo limestone

The Semi Rijo limestone from Portugal was the choice of Portuguese limestone for this residential development located in Paris. It shows an uniform and consistent light beige colour and look.

Rue de Bolougne / Semi Rijo limestone / Paris France

Tour des Finances – Brussels (Belgium) – Moca Cream limestone

As one of the tallest buildings in Belgium, the Tour des Finances is quite an impressive building. It involved the supply of 40mm cladding panels of Moca Cream limestone from Portugal.

Tour des Finances / Moca Cream limestone / Brussels Belgium

Qatar Embassy – Brussels (Belgium) – Moca Cream limestone

The Qatar embassy is a reference embassy building in Brussels. This project involved the supply Moca Cream limestone from Portugal for pretty much every area, both interior and exterior. The cladding is perhaps what highlights the use of Moca Cream on a great project.

Qatar embassy / Moca Cream limestone / Brussels Belgium

Kievitplein – Antwerp (Belgium) – Moca Cream limestone

This residential development located in Antwerp is another good example of the use of Moca Cream limestone on exterior wall cladding applications. Uniform, well-balanced and in perfect harmony with the surrounding urban environment.

Kievitplein / Moca Cream limestone / Antwerp Belgium

Krasina Business Center – Moscow (Russia) – Cabeca Veada limestone

The Krasina Business Center located in Moscow used Cabeca Veada limestone for its exterior wall cladding, used in combination with a darker grey limestone and extensive amount of glass.

Krasina Business Center / Cabeca Veada limestone / Moscow Russia

Dexia Bank – Brussels (Belgium) – Moca Cream limestone

The Dexia Bank headquarters in Brussels is a good example of the use of Moca Cream limestone from Portugal on exterior wall cladding.

Dexia Bank / Moca Cream limestone / Brussels Belgium