The Moca Cream is a beige coloured limestone, which is characterized by its parallel vein and uniform background, when it is cut against the vein. However, when the same stone is cut in favour of the vein it shows a relatively different appearance, with a more uniform background and light beige colour, with no signs of vein.

The are currently several variations within the Moca Cream limestone being extracted in different quarries. These variations are mostly related with the grain thickness and sense of vein.

Below we present you two of the most common types of Moca Cream that are currently available in the market: the Relvinha – thin grain and the Classic – medium grain.

  • Moca Cream Classic - Medium Grain

  • Moca Cream Fine - Thin Grain

Extraction Area

The Moca Cream limestone is explored around the area of Pé da Pedreira – Alcanede, which is located in the Serra D´Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, region of Santarém. This area is located in the center of Portugal, about 100 kilometers north of Lisbon.

Pé da Pedreira lies at the heart of the area that is considered as the main ornamental limestone quarrying center in Portugal.