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Below we present you the two most common variations of Moca Cream limestone, which are extracted in the same quarry but present a slightly different look.

Moca Cream limestone types

Relvinha - Fine grain

Classic - Medium grain

Moca Cream origins

The Moca Cream is a beige limestone extracted at Pé da Pedreira – Alcanede, which is located in the center of Portugal. It is by excellency an export limestone, where its unique parallel veinage effect has conquered the architects and decorators from all over the World…| History

Moca Cream applications

Technically, the Moca Cream limestone can be used on a diversity of applications, from masonry, internal and external cladding, as well as flooring with moderate use.


It is also common to find applications of this limestone on diverse interior decoration, as well as some bath design…| Recommended use

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Moca Cream limestone cladding

The Moca Cream is a very versatile type of limestone that can be found on a interesting diversity of applications, both interior and exterior. Despite this certain versatility, this limestone is probably most commonly found on exterior cladding applications.

Moca Cream limestone current variations

The Moca Cream is a well-known beige coloured limestone from Portugal. But what is exactly this limestone? Does it have any variations? How can I distinguish its different grades/quality? Is there one single grade or several different ones? We present you answers for some of these questions.