Stock opportunity: Moca Cream “wooden” strips for flooring

We will introduce here every month a series of natural stone stock opportunities, aimed at promoting good value natural stone stock that can be available to many. This month, we present an interesting stock opportunity of Moca Cream limestone “wooden” strips, as below:

Moca Cream limestone “wooden” brushed strips

This is a stock opportunity that shows the Moca Cream limestone tiles presented as an alternative to wooden floor. The tiles are cut with the same format as wooden strips, making these long strips of limestone tiles, where the vein runs along its length. Pretty much like wood.

Type: Moca Cream limestone
Color: Beige / Brownish
Size: Free length by 15cm wide; 3cm thickness
For more information about this deal, visit Naturalstone-outlet.

Moca Cream limestone wooden floor tiles

Moca Cream limestone