Most Popular Moca Cream Finishings


Known as the ex-libris of the Portuguese limestones, the Moca Cream can definitely accept many different finishings. Not only because of its incredible versatility, but also due to its popularity all over the world.

The Moca Cream is a reference limestone with a very high production level and an incredible demand. Therefore, several types of finishings are also produced in order to satisfy the wide range of preferences. This beige limestone features a rich veinage, followed by a consistent beige colour, medium grain and a uniform background. In terms of popular finishings, there are currently five techniques that are regularly used on projects – honed, polished, brushed, bush-hammered and split-face. For interior applications, the first three are the most recommended, however for projects featuring exterior applications, the bush-hammered and split-face surely proportionate a better end-result.

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